Hi I'm Nicola... Here's my story... I had debilitating fatigue, brain fog, pain, difficulty losing weight, signs of infections but none could be found. I was struggling to keep up at work, home and my relationships began to suffer. After years of seeing numerous doctors with numerous mis-diagnosis I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease and Endometriosis. I came to find out there is an autoimmune component, where the immune system becomes confused and attacks its own tissues - in a case of mistaken identity! I wanted to know why this had happened and what I could do about it (my identical twin sister didn't have the same problems so I knew it was more than just genetics!) so I went on a quest to answer this question and learnt about Functional Medicine, lifestyle influences, and environmental exposures that impact health..


I discovered that there are many lifestyle behaviors that we can control in our day to day lives that can really impact our health. Stress management, sleep, food choices - even our belief system, mindset and relationships. In my case of having an autoimmune disease, I could reverse some of my debilitating symptoms by changing my lifestyle habits and food choices. By eliminating gluten, dairy, soy and other foods from my diet, for example, and swapping triathlons for yoga, I was able to function better than before and minimize a lot of my symptoms. I also became aware of how our environment can have a huge impact so I went about cleaning up my air, water and reducing my toxin exposures over time. 


I realized that many other people around me were also needlessly suffering from similar symptoms and like me had developed a chronic disease that was difficult to diagnose. As I started to feel well again, I just had to share what I had learnt. I felt that if I could just help one more person get their life back and live life to their full potential, my suffering would all be worth it. So I decided to get certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach (FMCHC) so that I could have a deeper understanding of this new approach to medicine that addresses root causes to disease as opposed to symptom management or suppression. By applying what I had learnt from Functional Medicine to my understanding of human behavior and the impact of the environment; I am able to analyze each persons unique set of circumstances that may have led them to ill health. And it has become my life's mission to help others gain this understanding and empower them to make positive lifelong changes to become their best self. Whats your story?